2007 Street Video

Thanks to DAvid for recommending this video (Warning: It might give you motion sickness, shaky video!)


New video

Republic of Loose – The Idiots – Directed by Adolfo Doring.

thanks Maria!

New Brad Video

Here’s a video of Brad with the Fun Lovin Criminals in Ireland, where he seems to be the pre-show comedy act. Here’s hoping that he gets a song in before they throw him off stage.

Photos needed!

We need some photos of Brad! If you have some that you would like to share, please post them to this group on Flickr.


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I’d like to thank the very generous Adolfo Doring (who also directed Kareoke Man), for donating this photo of Brad, which can now be seen in the header.

Check out more of his photography on his website, and on JPG Magazine.

Wikipedia Article


So it only seemed right to start a Wikipedia article about Super Bad Brad, especially when there are so many documented American buskers listed. Feel free to add what you know, and if anyone has a photograph of him that they wouldn’t mind uploading to Wikipedia Commons (don’t forget to license it), that would be great.

BTW, there’s also a group on Flickr where you can post your Brad photos…

BBC Article

Found this link (via sensibleerection.com) to a BBC article dated 05 August, 2004 in which Brad apparently performed a 15 minute opening (before being pulled offstage) at a Fun Lovin’ Criminals show at the University of East Anglia on Saturday 13 September 2003.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/norfolk/music/gigs/fun_lovin_review.shtml

Super Bad BradLife must be hard when you are a street performer: no guaranteed money, hecklers galore and bracing cold weather.

But for Super Bad Brad life has just got easier. I first saw him two years ago in New York’s Greenwich Village, where he was singing his heart out with his giant ghetto blaster for dollar bills.

Looking like a cross between a tramp, John Travolta circa Saturday Night Fever and that man your mum always warned you about, Brad is the perfect way to start – or finish – any Saturday night out.

He sings classic songs accompanied by his ghetto blaster and occasionally a megaphone and that’s it! But the man is a star, simple as that, and I would gladly pay to see him again.

Just 15 minutes into his act and it was time for the FLC bodyguard to drag him off stage. However, quarter of an hour was all the time he needed to turn several boos into riotous cheers and applause.

If you get the chance, see this man and let him make your day.