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So it only seemed right to start a Wikipedia article about Super Bad Brad, especially when there are so many documented American buskers listed. Feel free to add what you know, and if anyone has a photograph of him that they wouldn’t mind uploading to Wikipedia Commons (don’t forget to license it), that would be great.

BTW, there’s also a group on Flickr where you can post your Brad photos…


One response to “Wikipedia Article

  1. I had seen Brad perform on Appollo a while back and of course, thought, what??, then when he start singing I said , WOW!!!! Then looking on YouTube I found a couple videos of him younger version singing and I’m telling you, I have had an errie mesmerizing feeling about him ever since. My heart goes out to him so much – WHY could someone not help him out? A belt, a pair of glasses, he said once he was struggling for $12 for batteries – COME ONE. AND why do some crap singers make it big and people buy their stuff and this guy no one EVER wanted to record, give a chance to, do something with, help him out…….I find this SO hard to believe. Boy, he sure knows what he is doing, too darn bad he doesn’t know how to go about doing something about it and getting a half-way decent life. I feel SO sorry for him. My prayers will only wish some day soon someone does something for him or leads him the way as he deserves. I also sure wish we could find out more about him, more videos or pictures or information. Oh well, I will just keep watching and searching.

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