New Brad Video

Here’s a video of Brad with the Fun Lovin Criminals in Ireland, where he seems to be the pre-show comedy act. Here’s hoping that he gets a song in before they throw him off stage.


4 responses to “New Brad Video

  1. Very disappointed in seeing that. Brad is a gift. He is doing this for the spirit, the vibe that is music. I believe he generates more than a skit bit . Too, too bad if he ends up a mockery. I got real “PAYING” gigs all over for you Brad! Holla!!
    Peace & Soul

  2. They paid him good money to be a clown. Of course he would take the money. I dought he ever thought anyone would ever give him the time of day. I hope he is alright today. Happiness is hard to come by.

  3. I have been wondering where he has been..I need more Brad. I was wondering if the whole thing was an act or a hoax never to be seen again.

    More please! I am a devotee!

  4. More Brad!
    A new video by Adolfo Doring

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