This is the unofficial blog about the amazing NYC street performer, Brad Prowly. There is no endorsement or affiliation with Brad.

I felt compelled to start something after seeing this video of him performing live at the Apollo… it’s that simple. If, at any time in the future, Brad would like this blog and the bradprowly.com domain, I’ll be more than happy to donate it.

I’ll post more content as I find it – if you’d like to drop me a line with an idea for a new post, please e-mail exposur3 [at] gmail.com.


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  1. Thanks for this place on the web. I’ve enjoyed watching the videos of Brad. He’s a very talented guy.

    I wonder however, if he were someone trying to make it on American Idol if anyone would pay much attention to him… but a NYC street musician who looks like his life froze in the early 80’s? Strange we humans are. Kind of like judging a book by its cover but with a positive twist. We applaud Brad not because he has slick and marketable talent but because he’s just a guy who simply loves what he does and isn’t caught up in the world’s idea of success. I think deep down that may be what we all want.

  2. Brad is my fave performer of all time. He inspires me.

  3. I followed a link from You Tube to here.
    Thank you for calling attention to Brad’s talent, and for this wonderful site. I enjoyed his performances and the video Karaoke Man, very much.

  4. I’m a new and avid fan. This guy is incredible. His range is inspiring and his reprotrire is my (for lack of a better description) vision.

  5. Brad is something real to me. What I love about him is that he stuck with something he loved for so long; even through hard times and tough living conditions. He should start performing in some way professionally (read profit).
    If he had paypal, I would definitely virtually tip him. I see someone that I would rather be rich than the likes of pop singers today.

  6. The Fun Lovin Criminals introduced me to Brad a few years ago – they had him touring the UK as their support act.
    He ripped the roof off.
    I think they dropped him as they knew he was chosen – who could follow that act?

  7. Where is he performing, anyone?? I’ll like to see a performance???

  8. Heres a real early one also. God I wish hed make a CD already. I want to travel to NY just to meet him someday.

  9. I really like this one the sound is cool what he did.

    its from the video but the sound is diff

  10. this guy is really good he deserves to be heard!

  11. Can anyone tell me if he’s alive? cause as of recently, I think he might have Passed on considering no new content appearing after 2007, I ask this cause someone left a comment on one of his videos that say’s he “will be missed” even though I never got a response when I asked

  12. he is still alive and kicking, i’ve seen him doin his thang at the belmar here in binghamton a few times over the past couple weeks

  13. someone needs to send Simon Cowell the video of him doing You’ll never find,Lou Rawls cover.I think they would invite him.

  14. I saw him performing in Boston this afternoon (10/19/09).
    He was so fucking incredible…
    He did a hair-raising version of the late Al Wilson’s “Show And Tell” and finished his set with “Kung Fu Fighting” and “Macho Man”.

  15. Yes! Also in Boston (10/21/09), near Park Street. It was the best thing in the world. Some guy next to me was fishing out a dollar, I was like, “Give him the 20! I gave him everything I had.” I feel like the luckiest girl in the world running into that show.

  16. Yes, saw him on Washington st. in front of borders. Recognized him from the Apollo show on TV from a few years back. Had to shake his hand, AMAZING talent.

  17. Is he homeless? I don’t ask to pass some kind of judgement; I just want to know more about my favorite singer.

  18. Hey everyone, I am Brad’s personal manager and marketing director/agent. We have unearthed (almost literally) about 100 of the original Super Bad Brad T-shirts from Brad’s one and only tour! Back in 2001 Brad toured as the opening act for The Fun Lovin’ Criminals all around Europe. Well, he had leftover shirts and had them sitting in his families basement until I came along and was able to have them dug up! They are not brand new, as they were in a basement all this time but they are AMAZING! We have an amazing artist who’s also Creative Director for a World Class Advertising firm working on a new logo and shirt design for Brad. So I am now selling these shirts on Amazon and Ebay to support the development of this new Merch line. All the proceeds will end up supporting Brad directly as well as his dream so buy a shirt and help us get his name where it belongs, across the chest of good looking women! I think the link is above. Also if people ask and are patient we might be able to have the shirts come with an autographed picture, just send me a message when you buy it! Brad is so humbled by all of your kind words and support. Thank you!

    Morgan (click on my name above to go to the amazon page)

  19. OMG! I am so ordering some of these shirts! I’d do anything for Brad! To get an autographed photo would be a dream!!! Brad! We love you and have been following you for years. We even made our own CD compilation from the videos!

    Go Super Bad Brad!

  20. There are more videos..I love this one


  21. Hi y’all,
    I’ve been asking this question over & over … when or where is the last time anyone saw Brad perform or a video of him singing a whole song? When or where is this possible? It feels like a mantra, I say that so much over & over! Anybody know?

  22. This video was posted a few days ago:

  23. Yaaay! Thank you, Will. Did see it on Youtube about the same time you did I guess but my point is: loved opening my e-mail and finding this great surprise gift! If you get that Youtube video “Teruko at the Apollo Theater” you will see Brad get announced as the WINNER to wild applause and STANDING OVATION at the end of it! He’s a truly astounding singer and uplifting entertainer.

  24. Thanks Betty! Wish I knew how to upload the part of the video that featured Brad. Here’s the link for everyone:

  25. Thanks Betty! Wish I knew how to upload the part of the video that featured Brad. Here’s the link for everyone:

    Wait for the 3 minute mark to see Brad.

  26. Thanks for this site, it’s fun. Brad is a STAR.

  27. Actually I should have just posted this link:

    Ever wondered what a macro of his eyeball would look like? Well… I got one!

  28. Anyone who wants the SBB t-shirts can contact me at mrjackcheese@yahoo.com. Also just released this week is The Killers NEW Video of the song BOOTS. Yes, this video features our favorite busker Super Bad Brad and was directed by Jared Hess of “Napoleon Dynamite”. The shirts are available if sm and Lg…

    Here’s a link to the video through starbucks who will donate 5 cents for each view.

  29. What’s unique about Brad is that he seems to come out of no where, start performing from the gut level, create happiness and smiles, then disappears back into oblivion. Without ego, entourage or fancy duds he embodies that naked talent most would dream of doing in public. We lower our guard when Brad performs and open our hearts as the prodigy becomes our adopted son. We’re all rooting for ya Brad, ‘shirt’ and all.

  30. I agree… his performances inspire joy.

  31. i watched all of brad’s vids, his voice is great, i would love him to do TRUE by spandau ballet, at times he sounds dead on like the lead singer for them…..SUPER BRAD PERFORM “TRUE” for us 80’s fans…!!!!!


    Does anyone have contact information for Brad, I used to produce a party he sang at called Car Wash, we are planning a reunion and I would like to see if he is interested in performing for us again.

  33. Sighting at St. Marks today, 5-6-2012.
    Awesome guy, Super Bad Brad.

  34. Just found out about Super Bad Brad on youtube.com jameskalmroughcut video May 27, 2012

  35. Fresh Brad! Thanks Rachel!

  36. Brad rocked my world, when he set up this year at PEX. It’s a summer Burningman type event in Maryland. Apparently, he can’t be doing too poorly if he could afford the ticket. I then followed him everywhere. I wish I could’ve talked to him more. Truly, a moving, goosebump-giving, tear inducing, beautiful beautiful man. Love Live Big Bad Brad.

  37. This guy Brad is the man! Sensational! Just came across clip at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1MYMP7xrMw&index=27&list=RDrBZ_slFrBKE and he was performing on Showtime Apollo. Keep it up Brad and best to you!

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