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New Brad Video

Here’s a video of Brad with the Fun Lovin Criminals in Ireland, where he seems to be the pre-show comedy act. Here’s hoping that he gets a song in before they throw him off stage.


Let’s Get It On – Live @ The Apollo

Real life homeless man, Brad Prowly, who makes a living singing classic R&B songs on the streets of major cities not just to get by, but out of a true, life-long passion for music, gets his fifteen minutes on the Apollo stage. House rockage ensues!

more copies out there:

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Let’s Get It On

Early Music Video of Super Bad Brad

by Adolfo Doring

You’ll Never Find

Super Bad Brad performs You’ll Never Find, the Lou Rawls classic, in New York’s Father Demo Square

short by Adolfo Doring

Kareoke Man

Brad reviews his life on his way to work.

More information about the Kareoke Man, a short by Adolfo Doring: