Here are the videos of Brad – except for the first one, all are by Adolfo Doring.


24 responses to “Videos

  1. Someone just turned me on to this guy … amazing. Hope Brad is still toting the box and entertaining on the NY streets. Cheers.

  2. A Fan In Sarasota

    This guy is great he should get on america got talent A FAN

  3. Another Brad video…

  4. Posted – thanks Maria!

  5. How can we get Brad to come out to Boulder, Colorado and play the Pearl Street Mall?

  6. I’d love to find a video of Brad singing Sympathy For The Devil…

  7. Why doesn’t someone hook him up with a real agent, god he blew my mind, he great! I was in a sad mood today, but came across the apollo video and I just can’t stop smiling!!!

    I would pay top dollar to see him perform in person, or buy his CDs this guy has real talent….

    I guess if you don’t look perfect in today society, they don’t notice you. Look back at some of the best performers of the 60,70,80’s they were real people.

    Look at the Mama & Papa’s – Mama was big – but her voice was great!! Look at Janis Joplin she looked ruff – but her voice blew you away.

    This guy is the real deal, when it comes to talent. By the way the song “Lets get it on” by Marvin Gay, is what the music industry is missing now.

    Songs with real love, real passion, real soul. I just love that song!

    Your great Brad, I hope all your dreams comes true!!!!!!

  8. I dont think this one is on here either

  9. He lives in Binghamton, NY now.

    I took this recently

  10. hey all-
    brad showed up at a BMX contest in binghamton, ny, this past weekend. he belted a “kung fu fighting”, “anarchy in the UK” and various other songs for an adoring crowd of rowdy drunks. very random yet very entertaining.

  11. Brad truly is one of a kind. Found this one aswell in case you havent seen it.

  12. Omigosh, how do I get in touch with him? If I wrote him a fan letter, would he answer? I want to know where he’s performing and when over the next few months!

  13. Thanks for the grounding. We should always make time to hear each other and Brad is speaking very clearly to anyone with an ear and a moment.

    Thank you Brad.

  14. Brad – Mad props to you and your work! You have an amazing voice and after watching the documentary, I’m seriously humbled by you…

    Wish I could fly you out to Tokyo – the crew out here would be amazed.

    I’m more than certain you’ll do well for yourself and keep on singin’ and putting up videos. Gives me a bit of faith in the world to know you’re out there doing it right…

  15. My dream idea: Here’s a thank-you present to Super Bad Brad from his happy and cheered audience: Somebody get Brad’s shirt duplicated and give it to him. I guess you would need to see him and it’s not hard to guess a shirt size if you see the real man. This way, if his favorite shirt and actually his stage performance outfit for us, starts to get worn, he will still have the same shirt again! Come on, what does he ask for all the joy he’s giving us? I’m not aware that he ASKS anything. If I had a way to do it, I would get shirt made and wrap it and put it in his box where we put money when we gather to be entertained by him. So isn’t it a wonderful idea that if you can, you should?

  16. First knowingly saw Brad in the Republic of Loose’s amazing video for The Idiots – it is probably the greatest music video I’ve ever seen. Having looked into it and read more about Brad, I guess I also probably saw him when he supported the Fun Lovin Criminals in Ireland.

    Brad will almost certainly never read these comments, but the fact that Brad is who he is and does what he does puts a great big smile on my face. People like Brad really do make the world a richer, more interesting and lovelier place – and that is the truth.

    And what a voice….man, what a voice! Keep singin Brad!

  17. Brad you are amazing……
    I send friends of my in the Netherlands you’re music…
    Keep going on man….



  18. Someone posted this video on Youtube. It is a clip of Brad singing in 1985. I don’t know what song it is:

  19. hyvä laulaja (great singer), from Finland

  20. tommy andersson

    he´s good and I think he´s got irony, too

  21. brad prowly sings from the spirit from the body becomes the embodiment of the song takes us to that place of spirit kukwstum’c

  22. So far a sad story of an exceptionally talented voice but with serious problems to lead a life with dignity. If talent is not accompanied by something else just stays at that. If also occurs in people without economic resources and socially excluded, even more.

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